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Bangkok tours on traditional temples

Personally, I have a craze for sports. As a sports junkie, my body won’t allow myself to sit still on a ride if I am traveling in such an exciting destination. If you feel the same, well, exploring Bangkok by bike wouldn’t be a bad idea hey? Combining the trend of authentic exploration and active adventure, a bike tour is thriving within Thailand tourism. Let’s find out more why a Bangkok bike tour is a truly unique experience for your next trip!

Why Bangkok bike tour?

Fun fact: the main traffic arteries only fill 8% of the city’s area. In other words,  92% of this capital consists of small side streets and residential neighbourhoods!

A girl riding on a narrow street with Bangkok bike tour

So if you are expecting to travel around Bangkok by sitting uncomfortably at the back of a cab, taking only a glimpse of the beautiful roadsides, then you are wrong! Cycling around the side streets is surprisingly easier and more relaxing than normal bus tours. Following a Bangkok bike tour, you can perfectly avoid the hideous traffic in the city. You can pedal down the scenic but quiet lanes, pathways, even a secret garden, such as the riverside community in Thonburi, where you will never explore if you are in a vehicle.

The red lights of China Town in Bangkok with tourists taking a bike tour

Bangkok bike tours at night are also perfect to unwind after a long day. No matter if you are riding along the canal, or even some tree-lined pathways near the night markets, it allows you to revel in the stunning sunset sights over the temples. And you can certainly enjoy a peaceful escape from the busy streets. There’s nothing better than feeling the breeze at night while pedalling around the hidden alleyways. Here’s to more ideas of a breezy night bike tour from a Local Expert. If you are worrying about cycling at night, the expertise knowledge of the tour guide will definitely bring a sense of security to you.

“A dazzling place I never knew”

Oh, have I mentioned the perks of discovering hidden cultures when you are on the Bangkok bike tour? Imagine, cycling down the narrow neighbourhood side streets, stopping at the local food carts or drink carts when you need a rest, and actually stepping outside the tourist area. Isn’t it better than following a tight schedule and a set route of a traditional tour? 

Thai locals riding along the path in Bangkok bike tour

When you know you’ve had enough of the urban side of Bangkok, it’s time to change to a different view! On a bike tour, you can discover places that you would never think of going. Taking a short ride to the outer city, you will end up exploring the green district, which is Bang Krachao, known as Bangkok’s Green Lungs.You would never explore this tranquil side of the off-beaten tracks if you are walking or on a bus tour. It will provide you the unique view of Bangkok. You will find yourself soaking into the endless vegetation around you and snapping a lot of photos. Check out here for more hidden cycling routes of Bangkok.

Also, another great benefit is the personalisation of a bike tour. With all the hidden bike routes in Bangkok, a sharp and unexpected turn will be a completely diverse experience every time. Most importantly, you can stop whenever you want if you need photos or  food. Trust me, the local markets in the residential areas will surprise you with unfamiliar Thai fruits and vegetables that you cannot find elsewhere. By interacting with your tour guide and the locals, you are guaranteed with the most authentic family-style snacks and drinks. 

Narrow floating market in Bangkok bike tour

Go on and try your own!

Going on a biking tour in Bangkok will always be unique, for sure you won’t share the same experience with other tourists. And yes, as said in the Disney song, it can be a whole new world! 

If you are concerned about the safety of cycling in Bangkok, check out some pro tips to assure your safe journey – Ultimate safety guide for Bangkok bike tour.

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