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A safe Bangkok bike tour along the road

Before you go on a fun trip, now it’s time to address a serious issue: “Is it safe to cycle in Bangkok?” And the answer is yes, and no, which all depends on your own preparation. Biking in such a hectic city in Bangkok can be intimidating, however, it can be done with relative safety and offers so much convenience. Here are some safety tips for your Bangkok bike tour:


  • For your own comfort in such hot and humid weather in Bangkok, it is ideal to wear light-weight, long clothing for sun protection.
  • In case of the religious sites along the way, you should wear clothing that covers your shoulders and waist, and reaches the knees.
  • Otherwise, a jacket will come in handy for a sudden weather change, also for covering up before visiting historical sites.


Make sure your biking essentials are well prepared before the trip.

  • You should pick a bike with the right size which is stable and easy to handle, and a sturdy helmet.
  • Remember to carry sunscreen and sufficient water with you.
  • A backpack will be useful in case you bought interesting snacks on the way. 

Road rules in Bangkok:

  • It is important to always stay to the left on the path, and always signal when you make a turn.
  • To avoid unnecessary confrontation and dangers, it is desirable to give right of way to all vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Avoiding the main streets is the key.

Your carefree trip starts from here!

Are you still worrying about cycling on the streets in Bangkok? Don’t you worry. If you join any Bangkok bike tours, all the cycling routes are thoroughly researched and selected, which are aimed to avoid traffic and discover the hidden highlights. Therefore, even if you have limited knowledge about biking in Thailand, the tour guides will be the local experts to assure you the safety of Bangkok bike tour. You have absolutely nothing to worry about and you can give out 101% effort to have fun! 

Lady travel in Bangkok bike tour

But don’t forget, ask your tour guide for help if you have any issues. They are here to help and ensure your comfort on the trip, also, they won’t bite! With good preparation, biking in Bangkok can be a remarkable experience. 

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